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Our Services

Conference services. ICVolunteers works with organizers to plan and implement conferences and events.

Culture and languages - translators and interpreters. ICVolunteers recruits and coordinates volunteer translators and interpreters. ICVolunteers offers both simultaneous and consecutive volunteer interpretation.

Communications and journalism. We provide writers and editors for conferences, publications, websites and online forums.

CyberVolunteers. The CyberVolunteers Program trains, involves and places volunteers with skills in information and communication technology (ICT) in development projects.

Social Research. ICVolunteers provides help for surveys about public opinion on social subjects and topics.

Mentoring. In addition, we work with corporate entities to implement corporate volunteering and mentoring initiatives. Corporate or employee volunteering is a commitment by a company to encourage staff to volunteer in the not-for-profit sector.

Interns, vounteers and staff. We manage the recruitement and placement of interns, volunteers and staff for other organizations for a period of several weeks or months in communications and journalism, ICTs or conference services.

Partnerships. ICVolunteers participates as a partner in national and international projects related to social and educational programs to help populations and local communities in their development.

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