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Social Research

ICVolunteers provides help for surveys about public opinion on social subjects and topics.

Various citizen groups, research institutions, students, academics, cities and towns, etc. conduct research to assess what people are thinking in order to create new or improve existing social services to adapt to changing social needs. ICVolunteers helps these groups by connecting volunteers, who are willing to share their knowledge and thoughts to respond to their needs.

Surveys may be related to the following social topics: human rights, education, e-voting, social networking, aging society, climate change, migration, corporate social responsibility (CSR), just to name a few.

Who can benefit from ICVolunteers’ Social Research Service?

You, who look for research help.

What do we do?

Follow-up survey for conference participants

Full research service

We are also happy with providing part of the services above or other related services, meeting your requirements

Our research tools


Beneficiaries of our services become beneficiary members of our network. Other costs are based on reimbursement of expenses, at a reasonable cost. Please talk to us for more detail.

Want to know more?

Contact us by email: info [at]
Or give us a call at +41 22 800 14 36

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