ICTs for Africa: Education, Research and Volunteerism applied to Agriculture and Health

International Round Table, International Conference Centre
19 September 2007

CCV building, room C, 9-11 Rue Varembé, Geneva
21st September 2007

Geneva, 18th September 2007. Educational and humanitarian projects in Africa can greatly benefit from good and meaningful use of information and communications technologies (ICTs). Poor infrastructure, lack of economic and social activity, low levels of education and expertise threaten the viability of such projects. Those involved in scientific, educational and humanitarian efforts need to recognize and build their expertise in this area.

On Friday 21st September 2007, educational institutions, governments, non-governmental and international organizations, volunteers and private companies will take part in a round table on ICT initiatives in Africa.

The objective of the event is to allow a panel of experts and practitioners to share and exchange expertise, drawn from current ICT projects, and to consider what ingredients have made these projects successful.

The round table discussion will focus on a range of current and future initiatives including:

  • The Africa@home project which has enabled the development of a malaria model through volunteer computing, involving CERN, the University of Geneva, African academic institutions and non-profit organizations (ICVolunteers and Informaticiens sans frontières)
  • Research and hands on field projects related to agriculture, research and ICTs in Swaziland and the Sahel region (Senegal and Mali) and the role of academic institutions in developing future projects on agriculture and health.

The round table will also provide a platform of dialogue around funding mechanisms and requirements necessary for solid partnership initiatives involving funding institutions and the private sector.

This conference is organized by ICVolunteers (www.icvolunteers.org) an international non-profit organization specialized in the field of communications, in particular languages, conference support and cybervolunteerism. Details of the workshop programme can be found on the ICV website (see http://www.icvolunteers.org/index.php?what=projectscalendar&id=308).

For more information please contact:

Viola Krebs
Phone: 022 800 14 36
Email: viola@icvolunteers.org


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