Public debate on Pesticides and Farming Practices

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09 October 2012, Guédé-Chantier, Senegal



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A public debate and the screening of two documentaries took place in Guédé-Chantier, Sénégal, on 9 October 2012.

Pesticides or integrated and biological farming methods? This is one of the key questions. Scientific studies and evidence show that environmentally friendly farming practices do not only preserve the health of farmers, herders and fishermen but also the ecosystem and biodiversity of the land.

As demonstrated by the IPMM (Integrated Production and Pest Management) of SAED (Société Nationale d’Aménagement et d’Exploitation des Terres du Delta du Fleuve Sénégal et des Vallées du Fleuve Sénégal et de la Falémé), if applied properly, integrated farming methods do not lead to any diminishing of yields. Instead, they allow the time to achieve results equal or superior to those of conventional farming.

The film is one of the concrete results of the project "E-TIC: Sahel InfoHubs" initiative  implemented by ICVolunteers, an organization that works in the field of communication in Senegal and Mali (Sahel), with Fund support of Fonds Francophone des Inforoutes and other partners, including the Commune of GuĂ©dĂ©-Chantier and SIP (Système d'Information Populaire).

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