Children's views of child labour

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12 Junio - 15 Agosto 2008, Geneva, New York, Estados Unidos


GenevaWorld is a cultural and philanthropic association, according to Article 60 and bye-laws of the Swiss Civil Code, created in Geneva on 8 July 2004. It is recognised as a public utility association by the Geneva State Council. In all its efforts, GenevaWorld works independent of political alignments, and promotes its goals in an autonomous manner.

Detalles del proyecto


"The challenge for the children, draw the world as you see it." This was the message sent in 2005 to children in the 191 Member States of the United Nations, irrespective of their cultural background, social environment or level of education in which they have poignantly expressed their basic longings in the drawings: respect for the integrity of their persons and of the environment, safety, health, happiness...

Out of the 3,500 drawings received and identified, 191 have been selected (one per country) and exhibited at the United Nations Office in Geneva, from late December 2005 until mid-February 2006, -in exact accordance with the rule of the UN General Assembly: one country, one vote.

Thanks to the initiative of GenevaWorld, these children, from 6 to 16 years of age, have been able to present at the occasion of the United Nation's 60th Anniversary this touching gift, where artistic expression fulfils its mission by giving voice to this part of mankind, often a victim but seldom heard. A book was printed with all the drawings, which represents a magnificent portrait of the world.

New exhibit: Children's view of child labour

Now, GenevaWorld is launching a new project: an exhibition on Children's views of child labour. It is not is not a moralistic or political enterprise. It aims to raise the level of consciousness about the fate of some 250 million children worldwide. The project is looking for children from all over the world, who are or have been child workers, as well as children who have never been exploited to express their feelings, by sharing their suffering and hope through their drawings. The visitor of the exhibition will be free to draw his or her own conclusions.

The opening of the exhibition will take place in Geneva on June, 12, at the occasion of the World Day against Child Labour. It will also be shown at the UN Headquarters in New York during the autumn 2008 session of the General Assembly.

If you are aged 6 to 16 or know someone who is, you might wish to submit a drawing. Here are the conditions for participation:

  • Theme: My vision about child labour (as present and former child worker, as well as child never been exploited)
  • Age: Maximum 16 years, girls or boys
  • Media: Paper, canvas, card, etc. any media preferred by the child.
  • Format: Minimum size A4 (21cm / 30cm). Maximum size A3 (30cm / 42cm)
  • Technique: Oil, pastel, water colour, colour pencils, collage, etc. preferred by the child
  • Deadline: 15 April 2008 (Please, specify the child's name clearly to the back of his/her work and photo, without gluing the photo on the drawing)

For the submission of drawings, please contact:
GenevaWorld Association
Rue de la Tertasse
1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Papel de ICVoluntarios

GenevaWorld has established a partnership with ICVolunteers, in particular for event related activities of the project, as well as additional contacts to children and young people around the world, through its worldwide network and the CyberVolunteers Programme.

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