Inauguration of the Geneva Conference Center for Buddhism

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23 - 24 June 2006, Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland


International Buddhist Institute Geneva

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Geneva is an international city renowned for its open cultural and humanitarian vocation. By the presence of the International Organizations, Geneva represents the nerve centre for social action and ability to work for peace on a World scale.

When the Venerable Dr. Banthe Dhammika Tawalama, founder of the International Buddhist Centre, arrived in Geneva in 1992, it was with this open and sharing spirit that he began to teach. Other Buddhist communities of various traditions joined the project thus the unifying and ecumenical spirit was strengthened.

The International Buddhist Institute fulfils, not only the desire of Buddhists to have a place to practice together and to meet, but also the traditional spirit of welcoming, whereby all interested in the Buddhist teachings can be received. The Institute will be open to all.

The State Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva has realized the importance of having such an Institute within its territory and has thus made available to the Buddhist communities a site in the community of Grand-Saconnex.

This project was initiated by the founding members of the International Buddhist Institute (IBI) of Geneva and will be built under the responsibility of the monastic community "International Buddhist Progress Society of Switzerland" (IBPS Suisse) The monastic community "International Buddhist Progress Society of Switzerland" (IBPS) is an apolitical, state approved, non-profit Buddhist foundation.

The opening of the Center is planned for 23 June 2006, in presence of Master Hsing-yun, founder of IBPS.

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Volunteering Opportunities

For this inauguration, we are looking for volunteers to help with the welcoming of participants, distribution of headsets as well as other logistical tasks.

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