The biggest 'mille-feuille' of the world created in Geneva

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ICV's volunteers getting instructions from the chef, to create the biggest 'Mille-feuille' in the world. (Photo: VK, ICV)
ICV's volunteers getting instructions from the chef, to create the biggest 'Mille-feuille' in the world. (Photo: VK, ICV)
L.B./Rédaction Tribune de Genève, traducción española María Murciego
12 November 2012

The record for the world's biggest mille-feuille was beaten Sunday in Geneva. The baking of a 1221 meters long giant was formally approved by a judge of the "Guinness World Records" book.

"It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the previous record set in 1992 in Belgium was beaten. The new record is exactly 1221.67 meters long," said Anna Orford judge in a burst of applause of about 2000 spectators gathered around the giant pastry.

Several teams of 25 pastry chefs assisted as volunteers, summing up to about one hundred people to finish the creation in 3:40 hours. The previous record of 1037.25 meters was established 20 years ago and was owned by a group of Belgian pastry chefs.

The icing on the yarrow has been slower than expected. It took patching holes and joints to create a truly single block. Marie-Thérèse Porchet, Alain Morisod, Geneva State Councillor Isabel Rochat, Sami Kanaan of the City and the sports star Lea Sprunger gave a hand in the dough. The Guinness judge checked every inch so that there was no break.

Once the giant completed, the piece weighed 4207 pounds, including 864 liters of cream, 576 liters of milk, 600 pounds of flour, 432 pounds of butter, 360 pounds of fondant. The idea of ​​this record come from Gilles Desplanches, who wanted to mark his 25 years of existence. The total sales mount to about 30,000 units of yarrow, for more than 100,000 Swiss francs, which will be entirely donated to the Breast Cancer Network / Association Savoir Patient (ASAP).

Voluntary contribution

ICV inaugurates its new arcade at 9 am on 12th November 2012, meeting at rue de Carouge and joins the pastry chef Gilles Desplanches for the sale of shares of a giant mille-feuille. The cake was made Sunday, both to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the bakery and to support the actions of the Breast Cancer Network, a network represented by ICV for the occasion. The event is organized "to raise funds and to discover the new arcade, which will be a public place for the initiatives of the association, including its migrants support program, as well as its initiatives around environmental advocacy and protection," underlined Viola Krebs of ICVolunteers.

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